ONLINE Software Labs – Services

ONLINE Software Labs (OSLabs) is committed to making each customer a fully satisfied, referenceable installation. This is and has always been our company philosophy. The reason is simple. OSLabs is the business partner that cares. We will personally guide you through the entire implementation process.

Because of its flexibility and modular design, DMACS is both easy to use and to install. We will show you how to quickly implement the basic system and how to progress to more advanced levels as skills develop and productivity gains are realized. We provide a national support center that offers hot-line services. We will go the extra mile to ensure the fastest and most complete resolution to problem situations which you might encounter. If customization is required, you can turn to our highly experienced development staff for fast, reliable results. We will tailor DMACS  to fit your exact requirements, and we can fully support all customization. In today’s world, that is what makes ONLINE Software Labs stand out.

We provide Customized Training through quality user education by supporting our commitment to the successful implementation of DMACS. Our experienced instructors provide in-house, user-oriented training programs that are designed to specifically address your business environment. Our highly trained software engineers are also available for higher levels of technical support. Powerful user development tools are also available as well as retrieval and reporting tools for non-technical personnel at the desktop level.

There is one company and one system that brings it all together. Superior customer support, fully integrated, feature rich applications, enterprise worthy, and 3-tier Client/Server at a significant savings. Open system architecture, Windows or Web based GUI, non-poprietary development tools and relational data base management. Fully supported customization. This is our commitment to you. This is ONLINE Software Labs.