Labor Collection

  • Simplifies Labor Feedback for Multiple Environments
  • Easily Interfaces to 3rd Party Payroll System
  • Improves Production Status Reporting
  • Minimizes Feedback Errors

This module is primarily concerned with the collection and processing of direct labor costs that have been incurred in a manufacturing environment. An interface has been added to the Work in Process module that allows for complete shop floor control of labor costs by work order, employee, and item. In addition, all labor costs that have been incurred are posted in each work order cost ledger record, and are passed over to the General Ledger module in the form of general ledger postings.

DMACS Labor Collection module provides the following six methods of entering direct labor.

  • by employee
  • by team
  • by crew
  • by work order
  • by work orders at each work center
  • by a work order inquiry/update combination

Machine time can be posted for an employee and work center, or for a crew and work center. For each method, the time that is fed back can be entered as either total hours, or on a start stop time basis. When entered on a start stop time basis, the hours can be entered in either wall clock or military time. The standard labor hours earned are computed and stored in the audit trail during the labor feedback process.

As an added security provision, adjusting entries must be entered through their own unique screen instead of being included with the standard feedback processing. Indirect labor feedback allows for posting remarks pertaining to why the indirect time was incurred or to allow tracking of certain types of indirect time. An override General Ledger account can also be specified. A reason code is provided to identify the causes of suspended operations.

The Labor Collection module provides a method of collecting and reporting on all labor costs incurred for both direct and indirect employees enabling a user to perform the following functions:

  • Create employee master records
  • Post both direct and indirect labor feedback
  • Enter payroll (labor) adjustments
  • Correct any incorrect labor feedback entries

The DMACS Labor Collection module interfaces with the following modules:

Engineering Control and Manufacturing Engineering This consists of references to the item master and operation routing tables. The interfaces are strictly on an “inquiry” basis and no updates are done to the LC module.

Work in Process

The interface to the WIP module is quite extensive. As direct labor is incurred, these costs are automatically posted to the work order routing and the cost summary record for that work order. Standards are also obtained from the Work in Process module for efficiency, rate variance, and labor cost standards.

General Ledger

This consists of account number verification and journal entry posting. As labor costs are incurred, an option exists to automatically post journal entries to the general ledger system. These postings are summarized by account and may be posted as often as desired.

The Labor Collection module can be optionally interface to hand held, portable shop floor data collection devices, and it easily interfaces with most payroll systems.


Separate on-line employee master maintenance transactions are available for both the personnel and payroll departments. Standard employee break periods are maintained at the employee level to facilitate labor feedback from the time clock (start and stop times). Employee time card tracking is also used in conjunction with labor feedback processing to provide time card/labor feedback mismatch reporting.