• Reduces Effort Required for Prospect Tracking
  • Increases Sales Performance
  • Tracks Competitor’s Activity
  • Improves Trade Show Effectiveness
  • Improves Sales Forecast Accuracy
  • Automates Mass Mailing Process

This module provides marketing management with the tools necessary to monitor and track each customer prospect, along with the effectiveness of each promotion, direct mailing, and trade show.

Telemarketing Management will quickly disseminate to your sales force the new customer prospects generated from your various lead generation programs. In turn, the sales force will maintain all relevant marketing follow-up activity for each prospect. This involves identifying all of the various contacts and associated comments, entering quotations, formulating forecasts, etc.

Telemarketing Management can also interface with Purchasing Control contact management programs. Under this scenario, you equip your sales force with mobile personal computers running personal contact management programs. On a timely basis, Telemarketing Management exports and imports various information to and from these remote systems.

Prospect Tracking

Through the use of the DMACS Telemarketing Management module, monitoring and tracking each prospect becomes automatic. When a prospect is entered and assigned to a sales rep, its source is identified and the rep is then notified to begin the follow-up process. All progress with the prospect is tracked by the sales rep.

Each rep can assign forecast probability percentages to the quotations proposed to each prospect. This facilitates forecast probability reporting, which measures the business potential of all outstanding quotes. Forecast reporting is also integrated with sales cycle status codes for effective strategic decision analysis.

Competitive vendors, products and prices can also be identified for each prospect. This can facilitate competitive product comparisons against your existing quotations. Prospect queries are also available by competitive vendors and products.

Management has complete access to an exhaustive assortment of on-line inquiries that display all activity by representative. You can quickly identify a prospect by entering one of more characters of a name, zip code, telephone number, SIC code, competitive vendor, competitive product, forecast probability, call date, decision date, or Top 20 list.

From there, full visibility into all telemarketing activity is fast and easy when using the on-line, short cut navigation capability.

Contact Maintenance

Telemarketing Management allows you to efficiently organize an unlimited number of contacts per prospect. A complete set of pertinent information concerning each contact can be defined, along with the contact’s own unique comments. Contacts can be tracked by user-defined label codes, which facilitate direct mailing campaigns. All contacts attending a specific trade show are tracked, as are all trade shows a specific contact attends.

Direct Mailings and Promotions

Direct mailings and promotions can be targeted to existing customers as well as new prospects. Generating mailing labels for selected contacts is easy and versatile. Just define a mailing campaign and assign to it a series of label codes to include in the mailing. If the prospect/contact is assigned a matching label code, they are included in the mailing.

Multiple selection criteria are available for direct mailings and promotions. Easy to use browse screens let you enter responses to the mailing, and the system automatically tracks the cost and response ratio of each mailing. Promotion tracking determines the effectiveness of all sales promotions, and the lead generation potential of each promotion is automatically determined.

Order Entry Integration

Sales representatives can enter quotations for prospects and easily transfer them to live customer orders. Quotes that do not turn into live orders eventually expire and a lost sales reason identifier can be assigned for future analysis.

Transferring a quote to a live customer order is easy even when a customer master has not been established. The order gets transferred and your customer service personnel will be notified when certain customer master information needs to be entered before the order can be completely processed. Customers can also be prospects and the customer name, address, telephone number and fax number will be copied from the customer master, provided any of these fields are not supplied for the prospect.