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About ONLINE Software Labs

Since 1980, ONLINE Software Labs (OSL) has provided leading edge, customer-driven solutions for a wide range of Manufacturing and Distribution industries. Our premiere software package, DMACS (an acronym for Distribution, Manufacturing, Accounting, Costing, and Simulation) is a fully-featured, completely integrated Enterprise Resource Software Suite.

Designed for an open system architecture,  DMACS provides world class solutions utilizing industry renowned three-tier Client/Server technology. This design will maximize your business potential by distributing processing power throughout your network.

OSL_BuildingDMACS offers the advantage of a Microsoft Windows or Web based graphical user interface (GUI) for client processing, a multi-platform, open system application environment and leading-edge relational database technology. All non-proprietary and all utilizing an open systems architecture. The architecture enables your users to quickly implement the basic system and progress to more advanced levels as skills develop and productivity gains are realized.

DMACS is designed with a system foundation originally developed for the multi-company, multi-division, multi-site environment operating diverse distribution and/or production facilities world wide.

With DMACS, growth is virtually unlimited. Above all else, DMACS is extremely flexible and easy to use. In addition to its modularity, many advanced capabilities can be activated with the simple click of a button whenever appropriate.